Wednesday, 19 October 2016

An Amazing Addition of Elegance to Your Place Is Parquet Flooring

Till now I had the pleasure of seeing parquet flooring at residential places only just once or twice at some high-end hotels. Nut today I went a very well-known brand for designer outfits to do some shopping with my best friend for her office party. As soon as we stepped inside the showroom, both of us started doing oohs and aahs by watching the interior of the place everything was so stylish or modern yet it was a complete elegant structure. I still remember that the parquet flooring was of white wood with few rustic shades in them, they were placed in such a way that the design should give the hint of modern fine art. Which means somewhere it is square, somewhere it is a rectangle or triangle or what not. The walls were equally complementing the floor in pure white color and to give them a life many abstracts were hanging on them.
My friend got over from this vision within two minutes as she wanted to shop but I stayed behind in the dream of those gorgeous walls and mesmerizing flooring. When she called me from inside the dressing room I snapped out of my dream to follow her, she was trying few dresses and wanted to have my opinion which I gave very generously. I noticed that the whole store is spotless and clean like heaven.  And the style of walls and floor followed the dressing room, the only difference was that the walls here got a little bit of texture in them and the parquet flooring was in a square shape like there is a big square inside it a smaller one then a smaller one, etc.

I am always curious for information it is in my nature to know it all. My friends used to call me breathing Wikipedia. If they have an issue and I know the solution then I will tell them and if I don’t know then I will search for the information as much as I can. So while my friend was paying I started talking to the store manager regarding the interior and was shocked to hear that the whole store was designed by him personally. He gave the bone to a dog, I rained a number of questions to him and he answered most of them while smiling until my friend dragged me out from the store.

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