Thursday, 26 January 2017

How to maintain Hardwood Flooring in your House?

Hardwood flooring has a feature, it doesn’t get stained easily, but make sure you place a mat before your kids paint on the floor. Though, this does not mean you don’t have to take care of the same. You cannot stop kids from doing what they want to and yes, kids love to paint and there is no way in which you can stop!!
Actually, you shouldn’t, either. Let them plagiarize talents from Picasso and do all that they wish to. The important thing you have to do is find ways from which you can protect the flooring of your house. Before they plan to sit and paint all that they have in their minds, place a mat on the floor. This will let your little champs to sit and paint on the mat, so that even if they spill the colors they have in their hands, the flooring will remain as it is.
Have you got a broom in your house? You don’t have to be a wizard or a witch to have one! LOL! Jokes apart, but the old and traditional ways are always great to keep your parquet flooring London neat and clean. Use a broom for the process of cleaning, instead of vacuuming the floor of your house.
Broom the floor every alternate day. Have you got a broom in your house? You don’t have to be a witch or a wizard to have one! Jokes apart, but the old and traditional ways are always great to keep your hardwood flooring neat and spotless. Cleaning the floor with this also allows doing amazing exercise for your entire body Instead of vacuuming the floor of your house, use a broom for the process of cleaning.

No matter if you are living in a cold city, the dirt settles on the surface of the ground, it damages the look of your flooring. It will sure to enter into your house and settle on the surface of your parquet flooring London. Don’t think it cannot show any impact on your floor, it can completely ruin the look of your flooring. Make sure you embrace different ways to clean the floor.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Versatile and Classy Décor- Parquet Flooring

An exceptional class of wooden flooring, Parquet flooring London could right away give a beautiful makeover for your home or office. Since 1600, this form of flooring became a trend in France as an alternative to marble flooring. Because of its splendor and flexibility to adapt to any condition, it has been popular the whole time. Each parquet floor is an independently designed work of art that adds allure and a traditional touch to any property.
Parquet flooring is crafted with different pieces of wood arranged at angles and in designs to give a mosaic appearance. If you have seen Parquet flooring you would know that it resembles mosaic flooring. Parquet is usually made of oak, pine, cherry, walnut, and maple woods and can be installed in rooms that are lacking any flooring material. This type of flooring can be put together in a variety of spectacular patterns and the wood can be blemished into different colors to make your floor look even more attractive.
The greatest advantage of parquet flooring is that it is very affordable and very versatile, that’s why most of the people choose Parquet flooring. Since it comes in a variety of designs and patterns, it makes the ideal flooring for about any home and, you can find an option that suits your budget and decor.
If maintained properly, Parquet flooring London are robust and can last for decades. In case your floor gets worn out, you can easily get it fixed. The parquet flooring requires being maintained frequently to keep it looking like new and fresh. It just needs regular polishing and cleaning. Although the maintenance isn’t complex, it does need to be done frequently to keep your floors looking good. You can easily do the cleaning part by your own, without having to engage a professional. Sometimes, you might need to get it sanded to restore its original look.