Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Herringbone Flooring Is Not Just A Zig Zag

Are you bored of your hardwood floor and planning to change then don’t think much and choose the herringbone flooring? This type of flooring looks simple in its zigzag format but looks amazing once installed. The installation process is not as easy as it looks rather many pros gets confused while installing the pattern. Every angle needs to be cut inaccurate sizes and should be placed together in the perfect way else the floor will look like an art made by your 1-year-old kid. Few interior decorators use this herringbone wood floors’ design for designing the walls around the windows or for designing the brand new coffee or dining table from it.
Flooring is the thing which bears the maximum amount of carelessness from anyone. Your shoes, pets, furniture, those sexy pointed heels, everything impact the flooring wrongly if you are not careful but few people have designed their floors in such a way that you will like walking few feet above it so that it remains the same always. There are many designs, although we will talk about only a few of them. So the first one in the list is a star shape design in the middle of the room. Star was created in herringbone flooring design only. The star is made from the white color timber, which enhances its shape and looks.

We can paint the timber used with different color and can polish it as well which will also bring a completely different look for the residents and will beautify the whole house. You can also choose the simplest design by applying a pattern of wood in straight strips. If you are the believer of only two sides of the coin then you can also get the chess style indulged into herringbone flooring pattern by using different color woods. All the designs discussed above is the part of my imagination only. I read and read again saw the image and starts discussing with you. 

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